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Apparel logistics

Complete Third Party Services for the Apparel Industry

Strategically headquartered in North Dallas, The Apparel Logistics Group is a world leader in apparel third party logistics and supply chain outsourcing. Our 158,0000-square-foot distribution center is located within minutes of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the 4th largest airport in the United States and just hours from many of Texas’ major ports.

We specialize in the import, customs clearance, receipt, warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution of apparel for over 2,000 customers in North America. Currently, along with our affiliates and partnerships, we import and distribute one out of every six dress shirts sold in the USA. As a supply chain management consultant, our commitment to continuous improvement of the apparel supply chain through investment in research and development has given us a technological edge that guarantees the services we deliver are world-class!

From flat pack goods and GOH, to every aspect of garment supply chain technology, The Apparel Logistics Group leads the way and sets the supply chain outsourcing industry standards. With more than 30 years of supply chain outsourcing experience, we understand the needs of our customers, and tailor our processes to meet those specific needs in the apparel industry.

We apply the same commitment to innovation to our supply chain outsourcing solutions as to our customer compliance programs, ensuring that we deliver consistently high quality garments quickly and effectively to any market in the world.