The Holiday Apparel Retailer Rush is Here

Here’s an all-encompassing example of how far folks are willing to go to get top-quality products like your company’s apparel this time of year:

A southern California woman turned herself in to authorities as the person who pepper sprayed video-game shoppers in a Walmart during Black Friday's shopping frenzy, Los Angeles police said Saturday.

At the Walmart in Porter Ranch, the pepper-spraying incident occurred when a woman doused fellow shoppers with the spray as people were grabbing for Xbox video game consoles, police said. The suspect was able to pay for her purchases and leave the store before police arrived, authorities said.

Black Friday shopping was marked by violence in at least seven states, including California.

Okay — the post-Thanksgiving gift-buying rush isn’t always that extreme. But there is simply an enormous amount of retail moving through stores this time of year.

For example, let’s look at a few of the stats:

  • The average American planned to spend $688.87 on Christmas gifts in 2010 (down from $734.69 in 2005, but still a return to pre-recession levels from 2007), according to the National Retail Federation.
  • This year, consumer spending on holiday gifts has already jumped 14 percent over 2010, according to comScore.
  • In total, Americans will spend close to $38 billion on holiday-related retail this year. Combine all of November and December, and that figure jumps to $51.7 billion, according to Forrester Research, Inc.
  • Apparel purchases during the holiday season have returned to pre-recession levels the most quickly, jumping 11.2 percent between 2010 and 2009. We’re you ready this year? Were your products in front of the mad rush of shoppers ready to claw and scratch their way into stores in order to buy them?

Speed-to-market always matters in fashion logistics, but especially during the holiday season. Pocketbooks simply aren’t going to be as full come January, and weary shoppers simply won’t be as willing to splurge on that perfect coat they’ve been eying or jaw-dropping dress they could have afforded just a month or two before.

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