Fashion Logistics for an Integrated World

Here's how the future of fashion will be: More rapidly changing. More global. More integrated. More technology-based. And (as always) full of fabulous, fantastic color. Flawless fashion logistics will be key.


According to Mashable:

Ever stared at your closet in the morning, fraught with indecision over what to wear? A new web app can make sure that never happens again.

European clothing brand Pimkie created the Color Forecast app to help women get dressed in the morning. High-tech cameras installed in Paris, Milan and Antwerp scan the streets, calculating trending colors around the clock. Camera images feed into an application that computes the most popular colors seen on the street at the moment. The fashion-forward crowd can consult the website and soon-to-be iPhone app as a what-to-wear guide.

The Color Forecast web app updates every few seconds, showing a live stream of fashionable streets in the three European fashion capitals. Comprehensive graphs display current trending colors, the hourly trends of past days, the week’s popular colors (organized by day into three segments) and last month’s trending colors on an infographic.

This, of course, isn't really that groundbreaking. There are any number of fashion icons across the world who day in and day out post what they're wearing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or personal blog — influencing the style choices of anyone who's paying attention. But apps like Color Forecast still represent just how globally and instantly interconnected these sorts of technologies have allowed us to become.

Now, as soon as a new fashion trend is set in Milan, Paris or Antwerp, they could be changing in far-flung cities of all shapes and sizes — from Miami to Manila to Montevideo — the very same day. And as we've discussed previously here on the Apparel Logistics blog, color itself can a subtle, but important and demanding market indicator.

Apparel companies don't need to respond to the daily whims of the fashion world. But market trends start somewhere, and consumer tastes can often be traced back to these types of sources. Speed-to-market, of course, is critical for apparel companies, and getting ahead of a trend can make the difference between robust profits and plunging deep into the red.

Here's the point: Technology is accelerating the pace at which market demands, consumer tastes, and apparel company responsibilities change. To keep up, world-class apparel supply chain management is key. At the Apparel Logistics Group, we specialize in the apparel 3PL services that companies need to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing world.

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