Third Party Logistics Makes it Possible to Surf the Pantone Rainbow

With apparel warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment and distribution to worry about, who has time for to climb inside the fashion lobe of the human mind?

As we mentioned last week, Pantone recently released its "Color of the Year" - the color that best embodies the upcoming year's "spirit and essence" (check out the history of Pantone's Color of the Year in the infographic we drew up).

2012's winner? "Tangerine tango." It's fun. It's warm. It's seductive. It bathes those wearing it in the mirthful glow of an August sunset in Oahu. And its big win demonstrates just how subtle (and therefore fickle) consumer tastes can be - and how often they change. The very fact that Pantone actually releases a new color each year highlights this.

We don't envy the task that our apparel partners face when trying to design pieces that will catch - how do you anticipate the popularity of various fruit-inspired colors? But we deeply admire the work they do, and want to do everything we can to give them the time and energy to keep a finger on the consumer pulse and let their creative muses sing.

You focus on, color, style, design, fit - the way that smartly designed apparel can enrich and empower those who wear it - and all the other elements of fashion and apparel that made you want to get into the business in the first place. Leave the apparel supply chain management to our third party logistics specialists.

We'll make sure those Tangerine Tango trousers get manufactured, imported, and delivered to the shoppers who are eagerly (and boldly) waiting to wear them.

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