Distribution from DFW Makes Sense

Choosing a good location for your company's distribution center can make it easier for you to keep customers happy. If you're looking for a new distribution center, consider choosing one in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The following three features will help your business succeed.

Dallas-Fort Worth is Centrally Located

Companies need distribution centers that can deliver merchandise to their retail locations as quickly as possible. When you choose a distribution center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you never have to wait more than three days for deliveries to reach you.

This isn't just an advantage for traditional retail stores. It's also useful for e-commerce companies that ship their products to customers all over the United States. Even if you need to send an item to Seattle, more than 2,000 miles away from DFW, your customer will receive the delivery within three days. In fact, that's the maximum delivery time for 98 percent of addresses in the United States.

The reason for this is obvious when you look at a map of the United States. Dallas-Fort Worth sits right on the country's middle longitude. Whether a truck needs to drive east or west, it can reach its destination quickly.

Bad Weather Rarely Affects North Texas

Retailers need to think about many factors when choosing distribution locations. Owners and managers with several years of experience know they should make weather one of their primary considerations.

When bad weather strikes, companies often find themselves stuck with:

  • Delayed shipments
  • Higher shipping costs
  • PR problems

These concerns are even bigger for clothing retailers. Shoppers tend to buy clothes at the last minute, so you need to have your new designs ready for them just before the new season starts. If you don't have sweaters ready to ship in September, before the weather turns cool, your otherwise-loyal customers will buy warm clothes from another store.

North Texas rarely gets weather that will prevent you from delivering orders to customers on time. Dallas-Fort Worth has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters. That means your business can stay active throughout the year.

You Can Reach Top Markets Quickly

E-commerce has become an increasingly important segment of the economy over the last few years. In 2013, consumers in the United States spent $206.67 billion in retail e-commerce sales. It's expected that they will spend nearly $535 billion in 2019.

As e-commerce continues to grow, it will become even more important to retailers of all sizes.

Using a distributor based in Dallas-Fort Worth will help you meet the needs of online shoppers. Dallas, Houston, and Austin are among the country's top 10 e-commerce markets. By positioning your business's warehouse near those cities, you can improve your relationships with consumers who live there. Instead of delivering orders to them within two days, you can offer next-day delivery.

You'll Cut Costs

When it comes to shipping costs, many sellers spend much more than originally anticipated — 18 cents on the dollar — and a large part of that comes from the distance an order has to travel and the customer's requested shipping speed. Plus, Texas still has lower labor and space costs than either coast. This all favors a Texas-based distributor.

E-commerce companies are going to get even more competitive as the industry grows. Even one day could make a big difference in how customers view your company.

DFW's location makes it one of the best options for retailers, especially those that operate online. If you want to learn more about the benefits of distributing merchandise from DFW, start by filling out The Apparel Logistics Group consultation request form.

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