3PL Case Study: Maker & Company

Maker & Company is refined, yet irreverent. It nods to the finest menswear traditions, yet unique. The company is pioneering a better type of men’s sportswear, yet it’s doing so through a classic approach to clothes making. It’s for gentlemen, nay, tastemakers who’d rather live a life that’s more than a little bit rugged, yet who care about things like fit, color palettes and design while doing so.

And, even though the New York-based company is less than a year-old, you can already find Maker & Company shirts, sweaters and sportswear in more than 250 better men’s stores across the country.


It sounds easy, right? Okay, maybe not. Then how does a company launch, build its brand and place its product in several hundred stores across the country in less than a year without abandoning its commitment to top-notch craftsmanship?

Amazing what a blend of inspired vision and a commitment to quality (plus a little bit of third party logistics help) can do.

Here at The Apparel Logistics Group, we live to make it easy for exciting young clothiers to get their innovate wares to the right markets — fast.

With Maker & Company, we focused on logistics and supply chain services like apparel inventory and distribution. For example, we can handle large bulk inventories with ease and ensure efficient, accurate delivery from its headquarters in New York to a broad and geographically diverse network of stores. Our automated handling system both boosts order accuracy and lowers overall operating costs.

This type of supply chain management allowed Maker & Company to focus on what they do best — merchandising and design — especially as the company begins to explore the tricky, but profitable world of apparel e-commerce.

How we helped Maker & Company is our goal and purpose for any apparel innovator: Pave pathways to help the apparel industry’s best and brightest rise to the top.

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