Apparel Customer Service Support: It's About People

If you’re curious exactly how important it is to be able to connect with you customers, just look at one of the most dominate trends of the past few years — social media. According to Mashable:

In the past six months, the amount of fashion insiders embracing social media has skyrocketed. On any given day (depending on who you are following) you can learn that Marc Jacobs president Robert Duffy is still pondering locations for their rapidly approaching fashion show. You might know that designer Rachel Roy had an interview with a media outlet, or that designer Tory Burch is hoping to see models with “some meat on their bones” in her show. By letting the public behind the fashion influencer curtain, stalwarts and luminaries have created and connected to an entirely new audience, and capitalized on the 400 million Facebook users and more than 22 million Twitter users. Social media, it seems, has become the hottest trend since skinny jeans and stiletto heels.

“Ignoring the Internet [and social media] is madness,” says designer Diane von Furstenberg who has been advocating for transparency in the fashion industry for years. “We decided to have a presence because it was a very organic way for us to communicate online. And yes, we think about [transparency] but don’t worry too much. We try to keep the focus on the clothes that are in the store, or buy now and wear now, not what is on the runway. But people will always get access to that as well.”

The lesson? It’s not just about about the fantastic fantasticness of social media and emerging technologies. It's that apparel is about people, people.

Simply put, social media has gone beyond connections between friends and now dominates connections between businesses and customers and clients as well. Why? Because people crave human-to-human connection in most areas of their lives, and stuff like social media or excellent customer service make it possible in the business world.

Effective customer service matters for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But this meme is especially important in the apparel industry, where a discerning sense of subtle shifts in what customers want, need, crave, loathe and love separates enduring fashion trends emerging today from tomorrow's dusty hand-me-downs languishing in the giveaway pile and longing for rebirth as dish rags. Tastes change with the seasons. You simply have to be able to listen.

Here at the Apparel Logistics Group, we make it easy to hear what your customers (and potential customers) are saying thanks to a comprehensive line of apparel logistics and supply chain customer service support, including:

  • Order Management
  • Retail sell-through analysis
  • Data warehousing
  • Data reporting
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) setup & maintenance
  • Internet customer relationship management (CRM)

Contact our apparel supply chain management specialists for more information. And while you’re here go ahead and be social with us and stay up to date on fashion logistics and supply chain management news. You can find us on the following social media sites:

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