Why Speed to Market & Supply Chain Efficiency Matter in Fashion Logistics

Apparel-Logistics-Speed-to-Market.jpgTake the hippest, most well-conceived outfit you can design, put it in front of the perfect target market, start reaping enormous profits... and the outfit will still fade out of style within a year or two. This gives you two choices: You can hold onto garments for 25 years until they become "vintage." Or you can invest in the kind of equipment, market intelligence and supply chain efficiency needed for today’s attention deficit generation.

Attention spans shift while you blink these days. And the shortening of consumer attention spans has coincided with the lengthening and spider web-like diversification of the supply chain. Speed-to-market was difficult enough long ago when the designer, manufacturer and retail consumers all lived within a short drive each other. Today, clothes are designed in one country, manufactured in one or two more, and then sold out of vast and complicated networks of stores across a third.

So, simply put, speed to market and supply chain efficiency matter more than ever. Without them, you'll be stuck pumping quarters into the apparel whack-a-mole machine. It's just not very profitable.

Here at The Apparel Logistics Group, several of our third party logistics and supply chain management services can help your company hit the accelerator (without fear of losing control) from end to end. Take a look at our apparel merchandising and design services: On one end, we track subtle shifts in consumer preferences and behaviors. On the other, we smooth out supply chain snags, kinks and hidden traps.

Here's the upside: Short-market attention spans might mean death to those without the flexibility and agility to respond to opportunities. But it also means a vast increase in the overall number of opportunities to profit for those who can surf the ever-evolving waves. Most people don’t shop with what they’ll want to wear to dinner five years down the line. Bodies change. Looks change. Clothes wear out. And, of course, fashion trends change. Embrace this pace, prepare your company to keep up with it, and you’ll thrive.

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