Chooze Shoes: The Apparel Logistics Group Customer Case Study


Chooze Shoes sneers at conventional business wisdom and kicks cynicism in the gut with a (very colorful) size two ballet shoe.

Their approach flies in the face of everything you’d normally do to make your business model efficient and in the black. As anyone in business knows, it’s much easier to stay profitable when you can be single-minded about squeezing every ounce of productivity possible out of your products and services. Find a product that works, figure out how to make it cheaper to make, and then manufacture as many identical products as you can sell.

Reap the rewards. Reinvest. Rinse. Repeat.

So what happens if you also, say, get focused on eliminating poverty, empowering kids, and reducing the amount of junk stuck in landfills for the next 10,000 years? That’s Chooze Shoes — single-minded about... well... doing a whole lotta good.

For example:

  • They’re concerned about earth, so they figured out a way to use only vegan materials in their manufacturing process and recycled cardboard in their (reusable) shoe boxes.
  • They care about empowerment, so they support programs that help women become entrepreneurs and break the cycle of poverty.
  • They’re even determined to make sure every kid has the “chance to be extraordinary” — confident and creative — by giving kids the chance to choose their own wardrobes, pour their creative energies out onto the "art box" shoeboxes, and wear high-quality shoes they love.


Despite this, they still manage to turn a profit... which they turn around and invest 100 percent back into anti-poverty programs. All of it. Every last peso to groups like like Mexico’s Chiapas Project and the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

Sound like a business that’s trying to run with two left feet? It works. We’re just proud that our third party logistics capabilities can make their unique vision a little bit more doable, because every dollar we help them save helps empower another entrepreneur somewhere else in the world.

In fact, here at The Apparel Logistics Group, we’re proud to support a number of innovative, socially-conscious businesses like Chooze Shoes. Trying to meet multiple goals outside of pure profits is a tricky road to travel for businesses, but our supply chain management and 3pl logistics services can help smooth out the path.

In other words, you worry about manufacturing apparel that both your values and your customers love. We’ll worry about making sure it’s easy and affordable for your customers to get them.

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