Apparel Is In Our DNA

Former baseball players make better baseball coaches. The best chefs are usually foodies at heart. The best manufacturers tend to understand what they're crafting at a level only possibly if they've been customers of such finished products in the past.

Here’s the point:

Today, (brag coming) one out of every six dress shirts in America are manufactured thru our strategic alliances within our companies. From our North Dallas headquarters, we oversee the arrival of thousands of containers to the U.S. each year. And our teams have developed expertise in everything from (deep breath) importing to customs clearance to warehousing to fulfillment to distribution of apparel and accessories... and everything in between.

A big part of this, of course, is our unique blend of experience and involvement up and down the supply chain. We’ve been active in supply chain management and supply chain outsourcing for more than three decades, and now supply more than 2,000 active retailers from coast to coast. In other words, we know the game inside and out.

But here’s the real reason why we've grown this way:

We were born from an apparel company. We get apparel companies because we originate from an apparel company. It’s in our DNA.

We didn’t start as FTZ wonks or supply chain navigators. Our roots are in our own apparel. For the bulk of our history, we’ve been an apparel company. In fact, (another brag coming) our founders basically launched the collared shirt craze.

Our company history stretches all the way back to 1919, when, originally known as the Enro Shirt Company, we started manufacturing dress shirts in Louisville, Kentucky, and successfully produced the collared dress shirt in a U.S. market flooded with collarless “neckband shirts.” Eventually, armed with almost 70 years of manufacturing wisdom, we decided to pioneer third party logistics solutions for other parts of of the apparel supply chain as well. We understood what apparel company and retailer needs were not being met, and decided to meet them.

So, of course, we understand apparel companies — their needs, their fears, the challenges they face. We’ve dealt with all the little nuanced complexities that stand between a good company and a great company. And we want to help yours get there as well.

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