Meet the Supply Chain Superheroes: Radiating Valor, Fighting Villains, and Boosting Bottom Lines

Welcome back! If you’re reading this blog just to learn some of the basics about our services, our company profile, and a handful of business statistics outlining exactly how much our custom apparel supply chain services can streamline your company’s efficiency and boost its bottom line — then, well, let’s get this out of the way:

1. The Apparel Logistics Group exists to serve customers in the fashion and apparel industry from manufacturer to retailer, the entire length of the fashion supply chain. As a leading third party logistics (3PL) company, we can provide customized solutions that fit your unique apparel merchandising needs.

2. At the Apparel Logistics Group, we provide companies with exceptional third party logistics services for apparel inventory warehousing, distribution, cross-docking, pick and pack, supply chain management, and value added services.

3. Regarding statistics, 83% of all statistics are made up — so let’s put it this way instead: The Apparel Logistics can add a boatload to your bottom line. Heapings. Galaxies. A bevy. Enough to feed 8,000 elephants. (You get the picture).

Actually, in the future, we will dive deep into the nitty-gritty workings of how our company can serve yours. But if you’re here to get a sense of why it is we’re so eager to help companies navigate the torrid waters of fashion logistics, here’s a little secret:

It’s all about our people.

They’re supply chain superheroes, really. Devoted. Determined. Daringly exploring the cutting edge of fashion logistics in order to pioneer new paths to ultimate efficiency. Check out some of their dazzling powers:

  • The ability to predict and design the latest fashion trends.
  • The sharpest vision for viewing designs of various colors and shapes.
  • The ability to time-travel to aid in managing production.
  • Super speed in order management and order processing.
  • Duplicating objects for better financial management.
  • Shape-shifting into cutting-edge machinery for picking, packing and inventory management.
  • Flying for various adventures in customs brokerage, foreign trade zones, and ocean freight management.
  • The power of healing to ensure all garments meet Acceptable Quality Level standards.
  • The ability to hypnotize citizens with the most extensive knowledge of department stores, specialty stores, and mass market accounts.
  • The ability to converse and communicate with the most cutting edge apparel information technology systems.
  • And more...

Together, they fight inefficiency, drive down operating costs, navigate tricky international hazards, and deliver your apparel to markets safely, speedily, and ready to sell.

In other words, they boost value like only supply chain superheroes can.

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