Key factors of customer engagement

We must first understand improving the customer experience can transform into a customer loyalty and encourage longer lasting relationships. At TAG we have loyal dedicated customers that have been with us for over 40 years and still maintain a trustee and healthy relationship with us. We establish our reputation through service, value and innovation.


We maintain an ongoing reputation by providing unconditional services and maintaining an optimistic attitude to new changes. I like to use the expression of “Life is a give and take”. We provide good services and in return we get a loyal customers and established a long lasting relationship. Loyal customers not only keep returning but once they trust you they trust your product and services. The more engaged your customers feel with your organization the more they are able to recommend your product and services to others.

The heart of engagement is communication! Providing channels of communication means to engage with your customers. When you add new channels you must communicate to your customers of any new changes your organization plans to implement to better serve your customer needs. You must ensure customers to the level that meets their expectations and comfortable with positive changes that will help better serve your customer expectations.


  • Understand customer expectations and needs- build your relationship!
  • Value your customer- customer information is valuable
  • Provide excellent customer service-Maintain a satisfied customer
  • Provide useful information through all channels-Communication
  • Make all commutation Clear-avoid any miscommunications
  • Follow up with your customers at all times- securing your customer needs.
  • Get customer feedback- a way to better service your customer
  • Interest your customer- new product/changes/services
  • Make sure your employees are engaged with the customer


In conclusion, to maintain a healthy customer relationship you must provide trust commitment to excellent service. You must understand how valuable customer knowledge is to your business. Customer loyalty is what you want to gain. The flow of customer engagement across multiple channels is what you want to maintain by providing a good communication to your customers. Keep in mind whatever technologies or channels you use to reach out to your customers, the key is always to look at the things from the customer perspective. Being passionate about your business gives you the ability to move beyond traditional customer service and engage customers will make all the difference in driving a more profitable business!

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